Tarot Reading, with Lenormand Tarot Card. The Mountain is about obstacles, a decision to go over it, or stay in put, after all the mountain provides you with security, yet at the same time it is blocking you from new experiences.

This Lenormand Tarot eBook, helping you with a short description of how the card is affected by its position in the spread. The first position being when the taro is far from the inquirer and it is positive, the second position is medium when the positive card is far from the inquirer but a negative card is next to it, and so on.
The Lenormand Tarot ebook includes a second layer in a form of a playing card, which has an effect on the image interpretation. For example, the card of Mountain is showing protection or blockage. You have a choice to stay input or to go over it, gaining new insight, new experiences on the way. Yet the second layer, the Eight of Clubs is warning that you might be acting in haste, acting without thinking it through beforehand, which could put you in danger. But the Eight of Clubs also shows an end to some sort of delay or blockage in your life, and it is a caution, not to act in haste or impulse, but think before your next step.

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Details of the Tarot eBook

Today there are so many cards to chose from and so many ways of reading them that no one can be sure which one is right, which one to chose. This Gypsy Tarot eBook is helping you to understand how the different positions of each card affect the card next to it. The Tarot Book is written according to the ancient Gypsy tradition, using the Sanskrit language to explain the original meaning of each card.

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How do you read Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards...


Paths primarily mean decisions. The card gives you options, solutions to a problem. These options are not easy and need careful consideration. It is a card of free will, a choice, which path you want to choose. You can spend your life concentrating on pain, bitterness, materiality, lust, satisfying your ego, or finding liberation from illusions. It is a war between good and evil, matter over spirit, balance or imbalance, which defines the nature of one's mind, body and ethos. However, greed and the ego's sweet words and her beauty might put you in a trance, letting your guard down, and chose the wrong path. It is a card of mystery, stillness and passivity. On the second level, the Queen of Diamonds presenting the inner world, the ardent manifestation of consciousness. It speaks of wealth that is beyond material possessions. It is knowledge, knowing the way of the Cosmos. Our inner world is the profound manifestation of our consciousness, the Universe, and the ability to share one's happiness, good fortune and joy. The picture's esoteric message is the shared emotion, providence, which will bring you closer to your loved ones. The card also emphasises the present, the moment of happiness, teaching you to notice that being happy or satisfied does not include wanting more or wanting less of something based on need but accepting its nature for what it is. Materialism is an allure and illusion. It will never really provide the 'real' fulfilment.

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