The Ancient Way Reading Gypsy Cards.

How do you read tarot cards accurately? Is it more about intuition?

 Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

There is no easy way to learn tarot. It takes time. It is not intuition alone, that comes later. First you learn from the tarot cards how to lose the ego, allowing you to enter an ego-less state and the cosmos is free to guide you. But for that to happen you have to study the cards, the same way as chess is not built on intuition, but knowledge. They are not so different. You will find each chess peace correlating to Gypsy card and Tarot.  You have the Queen of Hearts, the King of Hearts the Messenger, the Tower (i.e. protection, but it is also known as a magnetic field), and they are major arcana. The porns are the Minor Arcana, the things we chose, if we let anger, jealousy, hate to rule life. Tarot and Gypsy card are almost identical to Buddhist teachings, combined with science. As above so is below. What that means is that universal reality plays out in human life.  For example, the card of Wedding is called Phylacteries, from Sanskrit Pilu-AlAna, and Yukti, corresponding to letter Z, Setavya (Zeta in Greek) i.e. to bound, fasten together, and it is referring to the Sun, our birthplace.

If you speak Sanskrit it is easier to understand the origin of each card, it’s history and it’s true meaning. Although it contains Greek mythological themes,  for instance, Hermes or Fortune they derived from Sanskrit words. Hermes from Sanskrit hairaNya, it means Golden, referring to the Sun, but it was changed to Harenu, (Hermes) boundary maker, divider. Fortune is called Tyche in Greek from Sanskrit Tark, Khel or kAle, time. Its original meaning is not good fortune, but rebirth.
There are many secrets in Gypsy card and Tarot. It takes a lifetime to understand all the message left behind in the cards.

How accurate are tarot card readings and predictions? Give an example

 Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I don’t use tarot cards to predict the future. I find it more useful to learn how to find balance, which is continuous learning and balancing. :) I short I use it for self-development.

Do you find Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards to be more helpful in a daily card draw?

 Posted on Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Both are good. I do like it when it has 52–54 cards. It says more, it has a more clear answer compared to cards which only have 36 cards. Except when the card has another layer, such as Lenormand. Even though it has 36 cards, it with the second layer it will communicate to you more.

What would be the best theme for your new tarot deck?

 Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It can be anything, which has deep meaning. You should be able to use it as a teaching tool, it should also correspond to the question people have in their everyday life, and guide them to a higher consciousness, toward the right path. Tarot should teach how to keep balance in life, to make your journey a meaningful one.